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Occupational Health Services

We are happy to assist your company with pre-employment medical screenings, annual physicals,
drug and alcohol testing and many other job-related medical services.

You can be confident that Prime Medical Services is dedicated to providing top quality occupational health and
wellness services to assist in keeping your workforce healthy.

  • Worksite Medical Staffing (RN, Nurse practitioner, Paramedics, Physician)

  • Pre-employment/New Employee Physicals

  • COVID-19 for Travel

  • COVID-19 Company Screening

  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing

  • Pre-employment Drug Tests

  • Pre-employment Alcohol Tests

  • On-site Drug Tests

  • On-site Alcohol Testing

  • Post-Incident Alcohol Testing

  • Post-Incident Drug Testing

  • Flu Clinics

  • Covid Vaccine Clinics

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